USB Mosquito Killer Trap
USB Mosquito Killer Trap
USB Mosquito Killer Trap
USB Mosquito Killer Trap

USB Mosquito Killer Trap

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Enjoy A Mosquito Free Summer

We love to sit out on our patio at night or go camping on the weekends. The only thing that even remotely stops us from doing such things is the disgusting, annoying mosquitos.

We eliminated the mosquitos bothering us at night with our USB powered Mosquito Trap!

Why It Works:

  • Instantly we saw the mosquitos around us head straight for the 365nm Light on the top of the trap. This light mimics the heat and light coming from the human body, thus, attracting mosquitos.
  • The low decibel coming from the trap is also a major reason why the mosquitos will choose the trap over a human body. This decibel is completely mute to human and animal ears, making the trap totally inaudible.
  • Once the mosquitos get close to the trap, a strong suction fan will pull them into the trap where they are locked into an anti-escape device that will then dehydrate them over time.

Main Features:

365nm human body simulated light attracts the mosquito effectively
● Widely compatible USB port, powers the lamp conveniently
Low decibel mute denoise tech, will not affect your sleep
Strong suction fan, catches the mosquito quickly
● The auger-type anti-escape device lets the mosquito nowhere to run
● No radiation, non-toxic, safe to humans and pets

    Package Contents:

    • USB Mosquito Killer Trap *1
    • USB cable *1
    • User Manual *1

    Works great for the Deck, Patio, Living Room, Bedroom, Trailer, and Tent. 

    When the weekend is over, remove the bottom of the trap and simply dump out the contents. You'll be surprised how many you dispose of!

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